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When they get here, they meet a Thai woman, try to get to know her and then ask her out on a date.

So figure out where the best shopping malls are and take her there.

Then do some window shopping, all the time talking about clothes, shoes, bags, DVDs, CDs, – where you buy things, where you don’t buy things, how much you pay for things and on and on.

And that’s when the trouble starts as the man realizes he doesn’t know how to talk to a Thai girl.

In Thailand, if you’re out with a Thai girl, certain topics are acceptable and some are not. You Can Talk About Food – Probably the most important topic for any Thai woman is food.

Don’t Talk About Sex – Unless you’re dating a bar girl, talking about sex is just about the last thing you want to do.

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Joking with a good Thai girl about sex often makes her think you’re looking for a different type of relationship than she is, and she’ll probably dump you pretty fast.Of course, there are Thai women who love to talk about politics, social issues and international news, but these women are few and far between and you’re very unlikely to meet one. Really though, it’s not that difficult to talk to Thai women.

Thais love that you learn their language but they think it’s really funny when you get the words screwed up.You Can Talk About Shopping – Next to food, Thai girls love to talk about shopping the most.Shopping in Thailand is pretty much a national pastime and almost every Thai woman does it – daily.Make her laugh a lot and your Thai girl will like you even more.Don’t Talk Too Much About Your Job – Overall, even though most Thai women will love to gossip about people at their job, when it comes to the actual job itself, they’re really not that interested in talking about it.Many western men come to Thailand looking for a Thai girlfriend or Thai wife.