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Facts about online dating 2016

It is based on using the most powerful dating websites and famous mobile applications.

Young, restless, inexperienced online daters have often been disappointed or sadly mislead.” Aaron Smith and Monica Anderson, “5 Facts About Online Dating,” Pew Research, February 29, 2016, (accessed June 27, 2016) Jenell Williams Paris, Leslie Ludy, and Dennis Franck, “Is Online Dating for Christians?

Internet technologies gave influence on dating industry, it changed humanity and we see another way of development of communication.

Of course, even today there are adherers of conservative dating and less than 20% used to think thatonline dating is for losers only.

Indeed we could notice increasing the amount of those who find this way of communication compatible and friendly.

Almost 60 percent of those who answered “yes” said that at least one of the websites they used was a Christian website.

More than a half of Russian single people are convinced to find someone offline rather than online.There is a tendency or mainstream – you may call it like that – two third parts of single ladies rushed to register on dating websites.

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And if we speak about 50-60 years old people, men still consider online dating to be rediculous in Russia but women feel the need to be registered more often in 2015, nearly 10%. Everything is more than simple: young people are more interested in gadgets and mobile apps that is why it is easier for them to became a member.Because of the distance, they would have never found each other without it.” Some cited ambivalent or negative experiences with online dating.One wrote that his friend “met one guy through it, but they didn’t really connect.Nowadays you cannot be a looser if you still are alone but a member of a dating website, you are among those people you are in need and in support so that you have million of friends who have the same problem.70% prefer to get to online dating site or to use apps in 2015.We aare ready to introduce you our analytic experience and propose you to have a look on a conclusion of our research.