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Broader adoption of Face Time began soon thereafter.

Apple IDs are also used for Apple’s Game Center and the newly free Find My i Phone feature in i OS 4.2.

While an Apple ID can be used for an i Tunes Store account, users do not require an i Tunes Store account to have an Apple ID.

For most users, Face Time is relatively straightforward and just works.

This is especially typical of the i Phone 4, which has little more than an on or off switch for the feature.

In early September, Apple introduced Face Time for the new i Pod touch, providing a similarly-seamless integration of video calling for users of that device.

Apple initially designed Face Time to use your cellular phone number to register with the Face Time network; no additional registration information is required.To enable Face Time on the i Phone, simply go into your i Phone Settings app and choose the Phone settings.

With more than 2.7 million people aged over 65 using the internet every day, this adoption of technology is helping people stay connected and reducing feelings of loneliness.The process of enabling Face Time on the i Phone uses hidden SMS messages to register your phone number with the Face Time network, and depending on your carrier, these SMS messages will either be free or disclosed as charged against your SMS plan.On initial setup, the i Phone 4 transmits an SMS message to Apple’s Face Time servers and then awaits a confirmation message back to confirm that the phone number has successfully been registered for Face Time.An option appears below your phone number to toggle Face Time on or off.Note that depending on your carrier, this option may be enabled by default.Although the concept of video calling on mobile phones was not new, Apple made the feature accessible by requiring virtually no user set-up, and appealing by offering smooth 640x480-resolution video that was more lifelike than earlier alternatives on phones.