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Elaine dating keith hernendez

: Elaine has an office fling with this recovering alcoholic...until Jerry gets him back on the sauce by accident.

Photo: NBC Jimmy Actor: Anthony Starke First Appearance: S6, "The Jimmy" What’s The Deal With This Guy?

: He only refers to himself in the third person, which causes confusion because Elaine thinks another hot guy at the gym is "Jimmy." Photo: NBC David Puddy Actor: Patrick Warburton First Appearance: S6, "The Fusilli Jerry" What’s The Deal With This Guy?

You learn something else when you look at all of Elaine’s romantic interests: Elaine Benes had game. The guys didn’t slut-shame her and it was never inferred that she was a failure for being a single, childless woman.

It’s not just that the President of NBC joined Greenpeace to impress her. She might have been a failure because she actually failed at stuff, but her existence wasn’t defined by her marital status.

: They hit it off after being set up by Jerry, but then Phil pulls "it" out too soon.

Photo: NBC "Crazy" Joe Davola Actor: Peter Crombie First Appearance: S4, "The Pitch" What’s The Deal With This Guy? Reston's and he's obsessed with the idea that Jerry has blocked his way to the big time.

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Photo: NBC Jake Jarmel Actor: Marty Rackham First Appearance: S5, "The Sniffing Accountant" What’s The Deal With This Guy?It seems that most of Elaine’s dates were duds, many of the men never got to home base, and that Elaine was perpetually attracted to men suffering from some sort of neuroses. She breezed through men and when they disappointed her, she was able to move on rather quickly.She was obviously more invested in her friendships with Jerry, George, and Kramer than she was with any of these potential soul mates., but Elaine Benes (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) also got in on the action. After all, she was sex positive enough to talk openly about how the scarcity of sponges affected her dating life.Over the course of nine seasons, flings were flung, suitors were gossiped about, and one man was judged on whether or not he was “sponge-worthy.” All told, we saw about thirty of Elaine’s suitors onscreen. However, upon closer examination, it’s more complicated than that.Photo: NBC Dick Actor: David Naughton First Appearance: S3, "The Red Dot" What’s The Deal With This Guy?