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“Whereas for women in Indonesia, absolutely no way can you do anything like that.”Dr Sheridan said this may be related to the fact that Australian women were not judged for this behaviour, whereas women from other cultures could be.

Those in countries with greater gender inequality, usually Eastern countries, more readily accepted other people controlling their relationships and telling them who they could and could not talk to.

Interestingly, these countries also had higher incidences of sexually transmitted infections and Dr Sheridan has speculated the heightened monitoring may in part be driven by a desire to protect women from disease.

Activists allege that security forces effectively act with impunity.

"The state has not shown signs that they are willing to make any reforms regarding the Ministry of Interior.

Women from Western countries were generally less accepting of behaviour associated with attempts to monitor them, while women from non-Western countries were less tolerant of discussions and behaviour relating to sexual activity and dating.

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One man was sentenced to three years in prison in 2014 after allegedly filming a woman on a public bus with his camera phone.Another seven men were charged and sentenced a few weeks afterward.

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They wouldn’t call for it to be banned for instance.” Dr Sheridan said the research, which also involved Edith Cowan University, suggested that differences in what women found acceptable appeared to be based on culture.The study surveyed female psychology undergraduate students from 12 different countries on their perspectives of inappropriate behaviour by men across 47 categories, ranging from forced sexual contact through to a stranger striking up a conversation.Lead author Lorraine Sheridan, from Curtin University’s School of Psychology, said women largely agreed extreme behaviours such as forced sexual contact and kidnapping were unacceptable but vast differences emerged in the ‘grey areas’ of less explicit actions.However, few cases have been filed under a law initiated in 2014 by interim President Adli Mansour, which defined sexual harassment for the first time in Egypt's modern history.When incidences of sexual violence occur, Egypt's interior ministry has made it a priority to discourage complaints, at times even detaining people who file such complaints.“To a certain degree Australian women were a lot happier with casual sex kind of chat, not sexual harassment, but just the general getting to know you, kind of pushing the boundaries a little bit,” she said.