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Dunhill dating pipes

If he wasn’t such a talented pipemaker, he would still be a popular person to visit with at pipe shows because of his friendly nature and his penchant for telling an entertaining story.

Weaver works with a cell phone attached to his hip, and a laptop computer is always turned on in the workshop so that he can communicate with his colleagues as quickly as if he were in an office.

“I go downstairs and upstairs between my real business and my joy business,” he says.

Every man needs a hobby, and I wanted to see if I had the ability to tap into the creative talent that I believe is within all of us.

I became fascinated and started mulling over how I might become a pipemaker.” A few weeks after the pipemaking seminar, Weaver arranged a visit to Columbus, Ohio, for a pipemaking lesson from Tim West.

A year later, he felt comfortable enough to travel to Columbus again—this time to attend the North American Society of Pipe Collectors Show as a pipemaker.

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To my joy I beat the curve a little bit.” Coming back home to Nashville, Weaver decided that he could indeed become a professional pipemaker, but he wasn’t—and isn’t—completely comfortable giving up a more than 35-year career in the snap fastener business.

After finishing a visit to a client, Weaver stopped in at a Tinder Box store and purchased a Comoy bent billiard—a pipe he still owns.“I love making pipes,” he says as he takes a seat at his workshop inside his suburban Nashville, Tenn., home.“When I go out to the shop I can let loose and concentrate on making pipes and let my mind wander—it’s a wonderful diversion.Fortunately for collectors and smokers alike, Weaver transformed his interest in collecting pipes into a desire to make them himself.Like many who discover passions and talents later in their lives, Weaver’s journey into pipemaking began on a whim while he was on a business trip to Lexington, Ky., in 1984.And it’s a great thrill to think that someone out there might enjoy smoking one of my pipes as much as I enjoyed making it.” A natural salesman, the gregarious, 60-ish Weaver treats everyone he meets with a kind word and a firm handshake.