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Doc love the dating dictionary

Dem did kom fram Sentral Afrika an dem bring fi dem kolcha. An wi naa si se St Thomas a wan priti-priti parish. For quite a long time, we’ve been calling St Thomas ‘the obeah parish’. This is how the defines obeah: “The practice of malignant magic as widely known in Jamaica. By the way, Cambridge University Press published that Jamaican English dictionary a long time ago. And our own University of the West Indies Press bought the rights to republish it. And even now, a lot of us don’t know about the dictionary. The title is Jiizas: Di Buk We Luuk Rait Bout Im (Jesus: Di book Weh Luke Write Bout Im). The translation has been a long time in the making; and not without resistance in some backward quarters.

After the two Jamaican versions, there’s an English translation. So a dat wi tink bout all a di people dem from St Thomas? Ministry suposen fi put dat deh book eena every school library eena di whole a Jamaica. Blissful ignorance – of the Morris Cargill variety – often masquerades as fact. Genuine scholarship reveals the true face hidden beneath the grinning mask.

A long time now wi a call St Thomas ‘di obeah parish’. Hear wa seh bout obeah: “The practice of malignant magic as widely known in Jamaica. By di way, a long time now Cambridge University Press put out dat deh Jamaican English dictionary. An fi wi owna University of the West Indies Press buy di right fi sell it. An all now, plenty a wi no know bout di dictionary. Last week, I was properly chastised on the blog by Aasia who firmly reminded me that I’d promised to start using the specialist writing system for Jamaican: “As much as I support promoting Jamaican, I don’t like when it is polluted as you do it sometimes.

Ministry supuozen fi put dat de buk iina evri skuul laibri iina di uol a Jamieka. And I used the writing system for the language that had been developed by Professor Cassidy. A Labour of Love Frederic Cassidy celebrated the verbal creativity of the black people among whom he grew up.

’” I decided to answer Cargill in Jamaican, the very language he was dissing.

Frederic Cassidy and Morris Cargill were white Jamaicans whose responses to the culture of the black majority reveal radically different mindsets.

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After Emancipation, bout 10,000 African did come a Jamaica fi work. Every single Jamaican school can now afford to put in its library. Dem did come from Central Africa an dem bring fi dem culture. An wi naa see seh St Thomas a one pretty-pretty parish. A lang taim nou wi a kaal St Thomas ‘di uobiya parish’. Ier wa se bout uobiya: “The practice of malignant magic as widely known in Jamaica. The cost of the dictionary has been greatly reduced.

Some of them say they hope Jesus will come again before the task is completed. I guess they will ask for a transfer to hell if God should dare welcome them in this way: ‘Kom iin, kom iin! ’ I don’t have the time right now to translate this post into Jamaican. Professor Maureen Warner-Lewis fram Chrinidad did tiich a University of the West Indies, Mona, fi muor dan torti ier. Ier wa Miss Queenie se: “Myal is de ting dey call a spirit where you’ head ‘pin roun’ an you drop an’ you ‘kin pupalick ‘pon you neck, you see? Dat a bongo myal spirit which all de hol’ African dem – de dead African dem dem come roun’ an’ dem lick you all a’ you’ headside an’ ride you ‘pon you’ neck an’ you drop. Dat dere mean to say myal hol’ you now.” So a di maiyal spirit de pan St Thomas mek plenti a wi tingk se di parish bakwod. A taim wi uopn wi yai an si di gud-gud maiyal spirit iina St Thomas. So that’s what we think bout all of the people from St Thomas? The Ministry should put that book in every school library in all of Jamaica. The prayers of the faithful often sound like this: Du, Maasa Jiizas! The Bible Society of the West Indies recently published the Book of Luke, translated into Jamaican. An shi intavyuu wan kumina kwiin, Miss Queenie, bout maiyal. Yes, my God is both male and female; but that’s another story. But because ‘Patwa’ is the popular name of the language, I still use it. So a dat wi tingk bout aal a di piipl dem fram St Thomas? It is true that the subtitle of the book plays down the African elements in our language. His book, , which was jointly published in 1961 by the Institute of Jamaica and Macmillan in London, is a labour of love. Aafta Imansipieshan, bout ten tousan Afrikan did kom a Jamieka fi wok. Its origins are African.” And ‘malignant’ is no better. A lot of pious Christians think that the ‘Patwa’ Bible project is pure nonsense, if not downright sacrilege. And ordinary mortals feel they are too good to read the Bible in ‘Patwa.’ What a thing if and when they get to heaven!