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Dating your diet

Yet, there are some out-there diet myths that we simply can't seem to shake.

I still struggle with eating dinner, even when I'm hungry, and I'm fairly convinced it'll take years of couples counseling for me to ever trust bananas again. Considering that I'm clearly bonkers when it comes to food, it helps to have a professional on hand.

I enlisted Theresa Kinsella, MS, RD, CDN to take on some of the diet myths that we're particularly stuck on.

Both these patterns should be addressed simply because they aren’t self-care behaviors. would be just as much of an issue as [it is at] 9 p.m."This line of thinking is central to quite a few diet programs, but Kinsella puts it right to bed.

"With the exception of specialized diets for medical necessity, if someone isn’t eating carbohydrates, they aren’t functioning at their optimal level," she says.

I hope that even if you disagree with, or don't believe in, any of these statements, you'll take it upon yourself to do your own research or reach out to your own medical or nutritional pros. "There is no universal time that everyone should stop eating," says Kinsella.

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"Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for exercise and many people do not feel good when exercising without them.

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"Some people get in bad cycles of skipping breakfast and then overeating at night," she says.Some of them are problems for me, while others seem to be bugaboos for pretty much everyone.Some seem to be obviously bunk, while I fully expected her to come back with, "Well, that one's kind of true," about others. Turns out, when it comes to the "rules" of eating right, we are almost always ridiculously wrong.It does not include grains, dairy, beans, salt, and sugar.Whole grains, dairy, and beans are nutrient-rich foods.As a culture, we go through phases with our diet preferences — low-fat gave way to low-carb, dairy-free begat gluten-free, and eggs (poor eggs) are either omega-rich wunderkinds or insidious cholesterol bombs depending on the current political climate and whether or not Mercury's in retrograde.