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For older, smaller rental houses, contacting a realtor is usually a good bet.

Yards, garages, and appliances (usually including washer and dryer) are a given, and utilities are rarely included in the bottom line (Meaning more money than just rent. While condominiums and small apartment complexes may not satisfy the savvy wannabe-homeowner in the same way, they will often have a parking lot or community amenities like a patio or fitness center.

On the whole, Chesapeake is very pet friendly, too, though it’s not unheard of to charge a fee or deposit.

Rents can get steep in some places (Remember that $2000/month price-tag we mentioned?

), so exploring the area to get the most out is key. Officially, the city of Chesapeake divides itself into 6 boroughs, but many of these can be divided even further into smaller neighborhoods and communities.

Swamp wetlands and rivers cut through the terrain to empty into the Atlantic Ocean in neighboring Virginia Beach.

Unknown numbers of freedom seekers sought refuge in the Great Dismal Swamp's thick cover and along the canal's banks. The historic waterway has been in service for more than 200 years making it the nation's oldest, continuously operating waterway.

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A Standard Chesapeake Dwelling Since renting houses is most common, you tend to get the same amenities, perks, and downfalls as owning a house, but without the long-term responsibility.Using the waterway, Confederate troops were able to bypass Union blockades along the N. coast until Union forces eventually captured the canal later that year.The canal - and the surrounding area - have also been identified as a station along the Underground Railroad.Houses tend to be more expensive than apartments, though, and depending on the area, they can get up to the high $2000s or more per month.If that’s not your thing, it’s not a stretch to find attached single-family homes, like town houses and condominiums.Many of the places listed and advertised online, especially apartments and condos, tend to be higher rent and newer construction.