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Dating religious women

As if it weren’t already a narrow list of things you’re looking for in the opposite sex, now there’s one more major player to consider.

But I guess a question I would put forward here is why is it that those with a different core belief system are more attractive to you than those that share your views?

Is it, as some of my female friends have said, that there’s an allure to the bad boy?

The social experience itself is remarkably different to most people’s lives.

In church, you spend a lot of time talking about deep life issues and hanging out together at a lot of different events.

When the years start ticking by and no one seems to be asking you out, that’s when the thought comes that maybe you’re wasting your time waiting for someone in the church world.

Having been involved in church life for quite a while, I’ve known a number of female friends who’ve found this a major stress in their lives, and especially as Valentine’s Day approaches once again.Sure, I know some guys who’ve had to face that decision before, but I don’t think they’ve been as pressured in that direction as the girls in my world.

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Here’s a whole bunch of real reasons from real women out there, in no particular order. Or maybe it’s that no one at your church or faith seems to be taking notice to you or asked you to something basic.The potential for romantic interest is acknowledged at the start by the virtue of dating, whereas it’s not as acknowledged within the church experience. Only you can if this is one you find particularly relevant.Sometimes when you want a clearer answer or a clearer sign of intent, then it’s easier to look outside for some. Awww 🙁 Nah, but really, I’ve heard this said quite a few times. I guess it depends on what you’re looking for in a man.I guess all you can do in this boat is to make sure you’re asking the right questions and looking deep enough during the early phases of your relationship.Even as just friends, you are able to see how committed someone is or isn’t to their faith.If it’s something you’re looking to observe in your life, that short list gets even shorter.