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Dating artillery hat badge

I am trying to establish the approximate age and value for this item.

Any information or assistance is greatly appreciated.

On the backside of the badge it is marked as follows: "ARTHUS BERTRANO PARIS 1547" in the rear lower left side it is marked: "M.

These were more similar to officer's insignia, easier to read, and allowed a number to be placed on the disk. This might have been the 345th Infantry Regiment if worn with an infantry disk on the opposite collar or it might have been the 345th Field Artillery Regiment if paired with an artillery disk.

The infantry disk might have the company letter below the branch device.

Could the 1547 be a sequential number of badges produced by the Bertrano Co.? 1 be the issue number of that particular batch when received by a unit? I sincerely appreciate your patience and time with my questions Thank You. I don't now to estimate the price: to 100 and 250 euros depending on the state of wear and the number for example:

dating artillery hat badge-23

The USNG were federalized National Guard units and the USNA were units comprised of drafted soldiers.

dating artillery hat badge-6

In August 1917 monogram disks with the letters USNG (United States National Guard) and USNA (United States National Army) were approved.CHAUVET 1943" In the upper left side slightly below the hanger is the number 1 (one) stamped into the piece.I have attached two pictures to show the actual badge. Maurice Chauvet was the commando who designed the French Commandos' cap badge.Please see the photo attached for comparison ARTHUS BERTRANO, of PARIS made 400 badges in 1974 (200 numbered & 200 un-numbered) it is possible that your badge may be one of these - but I am no expert on these things so please don't get your hopes up.Proud son of Cpl Mick Collins, 5 Troop, No5 Cdo "We may feel that nothing of which we have any knowledge or record has ever been done by mortal men, which surpasses their feats of arms.Recently acquired this French Commando Marine Hat Badge.