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Because of the prevalent use of the word emergency in legislation and statutes, professional circles and associations world-wide, let us agree to use the term from now on in our discussion and thoughts on the topic of disruption of routine, and all-hell breaking loose. The most recent accepted definition in the field of professionals is “the managerial function charged with creating the framework within wich “communities” reduce vulnerability to hazards and cope with disasters.” In the context of my experience, I would formalize this function and further characterize it by activities that are intended to : a.

enable for actual and potential threats within the area for which one (or an organization) is responsible; b.

facilitate and maintain a heightened state of readinesss throughout that area to assure prompt, safe, correct, and consistent – The Business of Emergency Planning and Management How can we package emergency planning and management in order to win championship at all levels of our organizations?

I cannot think of a single disaster that would not involve a health response.

It follows that readiness action by the WRHA must, at worst, be considered and, at best, taken.

The City of Winnipeg is home to industry, agriculture, and manufacturing and is recognized as a major international rail, ground, and air transportation hub.

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It is the home of a level 4 virology lab built in the centre of the City to and from which level 4 material is routinely transported by courier services.It is subject to severe weather and lately (summer of 2007) the first Category 5 tornado in Canada touched down only 48 kilometres from downtown.

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I agree that the government’s reduction in the funding of emergency preparedness programs is alarming.The approach has worked well for me, and I offer it as another tool for the box.It can be presented neatly in less than ten minutes – a little more if explanations along the way are required.In September 2010, I finally decided to write a letter to Senator Kenny (then Chair of the Senate Standing Committee on National Defence and Security – you know the group who wrote honestly about the state of Canada’s readiness in the face of emergencies / disasters in 2004 and again in 2008) about my concern about JEPP reduction in funding – I also cc.’d the Minister of Public Safety and the opposition critics on Public Safety.Although there was more grim news and other reductions as part of Public Safety Canada’s strategic review, I chose to focus on the JEPP issue fearing that if I launched three balls I might overwhelm the catcher. I never received any word back from our elected officials, but did receive a message from Senator Kenny many months later (he had taken ill).For example, in North America (generally), an “emegency” may be declared at any jurisdictional level once that level’s capability to deal with the event has been exceeded.