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Dating and petting

When the club was closing, I suddenly felt the makeshift sanitary product had shifted and was now halfway across my bum cheek.

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The night after my date with the young Jaguar guy, I went out clubbing with my friend.

So I was able to do some surreptitious underwear rearrangement while he fussed about this. He suddenly seemed a lot more drunk than he had on the dance floor. The Sunday morning after, Young Jaguar texted me saying he was hungover after his Saturday night. On the one hand, it was nice he was inviting me round, but it felt like I’d very much be going round just for sex.It was painful watching him trying to use his phone correctly to save my number. sorry to interfere, but don’t you just have to press ‘Create new contact’… He then texted some photos of himself in bed, looking tired and hungover but alluring. There was still the menstrual barrier to doing that, but also it didn’t feel right.

Since I am in my 30s now, I had crammed into my handbag the book I’m reading for my book group, to read on the night bus home, and my friend asked the DJ to turn the music down. We had a bit of a snog and then carried on dancing together.However, I knew I had some in the glove box of my car, so I planned to put some in my handbag when I passed my car on the way to the tube.However, I promptly forgot to do this, and only realised when I was on the tube.It turned out there wasn’t an evening we were both free for ages, but we were both free that night.He said he was ‘too tired’ to go out for dinner, but asked if I wanted to go round and ‘chill’ at his. ’ I had a quick shower first, and thought ‘is this a bootie call?After a while, I was dancing, and locked eyes with a ridiculously handsome man. I was probably being a total dick, but I felt like he was being very cocky and I really enjoyed not making things too easy for him.