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Dating and flirting tip

Keep in mind: When a person is well-groomed, it shows that they care about their look and take pride in how they present themselves.

A confident man makes a woman feel safe and secure!

A person who is not confident but timid and unsure is not attractive to anyone.

Would you like to have a hot girl on your arm by next week?

Perhaps even a few to choose from before settling down?

Any man who is not well-kept gives off the impression that they’re lazy and don’t value themselves.

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Please note: If you’re not comfortable being forward and playful, then you need to start working on your self-esteem ASAP!Carry yourself well, do not be afraid to make the first move and don’t be shy.

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Physical contact can send shivers down her spine and make her weak in knees.Even after the initial contact has been achieved, smiling and deep looks into others eyes are crucial!When the talking comes to an end, you have to leave a good impression.Flirting is designed to do one thing – create sexual tension between you and your partner.We all want what we can’t have; what’s just out of our reach.No matter whether this is your first encounter with the person, or you’re trying to keep your relationship spicy, you need to look your best!