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Cosplay dating game rules

Okay, these memories are way too painful, Seiji doesn’t want to go through them anymore, just remembering it once was painful enough.

After opening this Pandora’s Box, he closed it right away, and used all of his self-control to prevent himself from opening it again, and he’s finally managed to calm himself down. At this moment, he silently opened up the load menu, then he chose the first save file and returned to that time.

His entire world went black momentarily, then became light again.

Let’s just start from here now, a new life after reincarnation.

First, he has to clean up the instant noodles that choked this body to death……

It’s a room that’s 30 square meters, with a shower and bathroom, and the rent is 5000 sakuras every month. After Seiji reincarnated, at first he thought that he was in Japan, but later he discovered that this was actually another parallel world, the entire world map was significantly different from Earth’s, and history had majorly changed.

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As long as he saves a file first, it didn’t matter what he did after, all he has to do is load any file, and he can start all over again with a clean slate!He could already imagine it, he could do anything wicked that he wanted, and after the police caught him, he could just load, and it would be like nothing ever happened. Seiji didn’t think that he was a hero, but he definitely wasn’t an evil person either, so those wicked ideas only flashed through his mind for an instant before he sealed them away, and he decided to set some rules for himself that he definitely would never violate.

Well we’ve taken this game and made it nerdy and sexual.Academics: 5 – Rubbish, with this level you’d be the worst even in elementary school!Physical ability: 5 – Rubbish, even a loli elementary schooler would defeat you with a single kick!This game function is the most ordinary of all, every game comes with this function.But, for this ability to appear in real life, heavens…… After reincarnating, Seiji spent most of his time so far experimenting with this final ability, at first he was astounded, then he was overjoyed, but now he’s starting to feel a bit scared.All his classmates looked down on him, the school bullies picked on him, the prettiest girl in school insulted him, his childhood friend kicked him away, his younger sister slapped him, his older sister forced him to leave home, his adoptive mother treated him coldly……