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She cannot overstep her boundaries and make judgments on matters of science.

Since the soul is immaterial it cannot evolve as things in the material universe evolve.

This means the faculties of the soul—intellect and will—do not evolve as the body evolves.

Many college students confront this error when they encounter reductionism, rationalism, and materialism through their professors.

These students do not know how to respond–and far too often–dismiss Catholicism outright because they don’t realize answers to their questions exist within the Church’s 2000-year history.

The divorce from philosophy creates an environment where both theology and the natural sciences overstep their bounds.

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The Catholic approach is not an either/or, it is a both/and system.I’ve also shared how I got the idea for this book (something to do with a crack in the pavement, actually! Check out Kathy’s Temean’s post here, and comment (must comment on Kathy’s blog page via the link, as opposed to my page) for a chance to win.Marie Lamba has a new picture book titled, GREEN GREEN and lucky us, she has agreed to do the book giveaway.The neighborhood children think so, and they inspire the community to join together and…There is a great misperception in the culture that Catholicism is anti-science.First, it is important to understand that the Church makes no official pronouncements on matters of science. She promulgates teachings of faith as given to us through Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition.