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I've now lived here for two years and have experienced about every stereotypically Vegas thing a person can experience, from the batshit party scene to the sad, sad dating scene.

People who have made me feel more loved and appreciated within a matter of months of knowing me than most friends I have known for years.

People who have made me want to stay, even when everything else about the place makes me want to leave, because we're all in this together.

That said, I have encountered a mix of some of the absolute best and some of the absolute worst people I have ever met in my life.

In many cases, a person's social value is directly correlated to their potential VIP status, whether that be through money, hotness, industry connections, or all of the above.

You see the soullessness of bottle-service billionaires.

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You see yourself becoming a person you don’t really want to be.

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Even still, the ambivalence pendulum steadily swings back and forth from contempt to tenderness.Beholden to this ugly, beautiful, silly, fucked-up city that we all hate to love and love to hate.Beyond the gross, garish Strip and endless sea of soulless malls, past the tract housing constructed with cardboard and spit, there are mountain ranges ringing the Valley.In Vegas, status reigns supreme -- real or perceived -- and it doesn’t matter how you get it as long as you have it.As a woman out here, you will be made excruciatingly aware that you are worth no more than the sum of your parts." -- the irony of a person from Detroit questioning the choice to live in a particular city of ill repute being entirely lost on them, if not on me. " And my answer remains consistent, "Everything and nothing like what you would think." Las Vegans spend a disproportionate amount of time doling out one very obvious statement: yes, people actually live here, and not all of us work in casinos... Roughly 335,000 people in Las Vegas work in hospitality and leisure and this is a city of less than 2 million.