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Links: Location Sri Kolavizhiamman Temple Located at Gopathy Narayana Chetty Street opposite to Valiswarar temple and to the east of Mundakkanni Amman Temple, this is a 1000 years old temple.

Senai Nathan, Azhwars and Aacharyas are located in a separate sannidhi.

Lord of medicines, Dhanvanthri is also present in the pillar of the front mandapam.

There is a famous incident in Thiruvalluvar-Vasuki life in which, while Vasuki was fetching water in a pot from a well, Thiruvalluvar called her and she went leaving the pot as it was but incidentally the pot remained half way as it was. Ekambareswarar and Kamatchi are the main deities along with Vinayahar, Murugar, Navagrahas and Saneeswarar shrines.

The Ekambareswarar shrine is considered as the birth place of Thiruvalluvar by some researchers and as the Samadhi by others.

The temple tank Sandhana Pushkarani here is the erstwhile pond of Bruhu Maharishi’s Ashram.

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More details on the Sapthasthana temples here Sri Madhava Perumal Temple It is located very near the Mundakkanni amman temple.

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Last updated on: 2nd May 2016 Sapthasthana Temples of Shiva: There are seven Sapthasthana (Saptha meaning seven) temples for Shiva in Mylapore worshipped by the Saptha rishis – Adri, Brigu, Kutsa, Vashishta, Gautama, Kasyapa and Angirasa.The temple with Swami Desika’s shrine had been there for more than a couple of centuries and all the other shrines are the additions of this century.The God of knowledge and Swami Desika’s Upasana Devatha, Sri Lakshmi Hayagriva shares a shrine with our Acharya here.Wish and pray the Azhwar welcomes and embrace the devotees very soon.Links: Location Srikara Anjaneya Raghavendra Swamy Sannidhanam Located at Salai street this is Udipi Sri Puthige Matha’s Jagadguru Sri Madhwacharya Moola Maha Samasthanam.How many Tamils know that there is a temple for Thiruvalluvar right at the heart of the city?