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But the eagles moved again, relocating a few hundred yards away in a different tree.

After the pair built their first nest, local wildlife photographers noticed that the larger eagle (thus most likely female) was wearing a metal leg band.

It wasn’t for a couple of years, however, (in 2014) that enough telephoto photos were taken by AEF Volunteer John Prickett and friend David Collins to be pieced together.

Her mate was named Sir Hatcher in honor of AEF friend, mentor, and supporter Bob Hatcher, the man who made the AEF’s hacking program possible in the early 1990s. ‘Lady’ and ‘Sir’ have built several nests before constructing their current home.

The early nests were not very sturdy, but they learned from experience!

At the time of this writing, the eagles seem not to have made up their mind for sure about which nest they will lay eggs in, as they are bringing sticks to their last 2 nests.

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She returned to the area with her mate in 2011, and they have raised 13 eaglets through 2017.

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Since these videos were made, the pair has built 2 different nests and we are waiting to see where they decide to lay eggs!Two high-definition cams are available on this page.There are two PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) cameras on the nest that give optimal angles to see the eagles.In late August or early September, the eagle pair usually return to this nest to begin their nesting cycle, which includes bonding, mating, nestorations, egg-laying, incubation, hatching, and raising their brood until their youngsters fledge and are able to fend for themselves.Mom and Dad typically remain in the nest area for 30-45 days after their young have fledged/migrated, enjoying some well-deserved time alone together in their special Florida habitat.In fact, cams were installed in 2016 on their previous nest in anticipation of streaming the nest live last season.