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SINGLE ORIGIN COFFEES You may have heard this term before, and it refers to coffees that are not blended, but rather come from a solitary geographic locale.

The different conditions of soil, sunshine and rain can impart very unique flavors to coffee beans, which is layered upon the flavors given to them by their processing.

In light of this, coffees can have different characteristics based on the growing conditions of that year, although their basic nature remains constant.

Pales – pasty little beans that can result from drought and which release bad flavors and odors.

Stinkers – party crashers that spoil good coffee with foul tastes.

These examples can help genealogists learn the skills that will help date their own photos.

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The back of the card lists the location as "on Erie St. Further description notes "Thru Erie St entrance of Crosby Shoe Store". The young girl's name is Grace Breckel, born February 1884 in Massilon, OH. Much of the information used to analyze this photograph is covered in the Identification section of this web site.

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Arabica beans (not to be mixed up with their more intensely caffeinated but less tasty cousin, the Robusta bean) are cultivated at high altitudes in various countries around the world.Of course, not every cherry that’s collected is perfect.Some may be too green, others too ripe, some visited by a local coffee cherry-loving insect.It was very popular in the 1890s to have one's business photographed, usually with staff.Some photographers advertised and specialized in this 'architectural' endeavor.Quakers – beans that don’t darken during the roasting process.