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Bf2142 stats not updating

It's not hugely different from how 2142 normally works, but does, on a full server, offer an increased intensity and directness; a greater focus, at times, on being a first-person shooter, rather than the jack-of-all-trades-plus-robots the core game is.

It'd be quite humiliating, if it wasn't for the really big gun I get - and the fact that faithfully doling out replacement bullets wins me points at an incredible rate.

The point is, whether I'm everyone else's lapdog or not, I'm basically roleplaying, because that's the sort of game Battlefield 2142 has become.

The EU possibly gets the better deal with the Goliath.

It's a ridiculously well-armoured base on slow-turning wheels, bristling with weapons, able to infinitely heal and rearm nearby allies, and even self-repair itself.

The slim price of NS means it's dangerously close to paying to make your character slightly better - a micropayment stat boost, of the sort that doomsayers worry Xbox Live purchases will eventually become about.

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about manages to reach the tiny no-man's land between patch content and full expansion pack.

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The third, the Bavaria map set in an Alpine base, is a lot more interesting.Its nuts and bolts are three new maps and two new vehicles.The latter are interesting enough that it's a real shame they're limited to the new maps only.Player Accounts Before you can access the in-game settings or play BF2142 you will need to create or login to an existing account first.An account is not the same as a soldier, read on to see the difference.The overall vibe of all the maps, though, is one of fairly close-quarters combat, roadblock design forcing infantry scuffles at vital points rather than long-range tank bombardment.