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PUC’s students can bask in the glory of nature by cycling or trekking their way across no less than 30 miles of trails.

Replete with a lofty spire and Ionic columns, this granite structure was conceived by academic architect James Gamble Rogers and has been a mainstay of the campus since the chapel’s consecration in 1940.

New York City’s Brooklyn College came into being in 1930, with its Midwood campus opening its gates in 1937.

Sonoma State University’s 269-acre campus in Rohnert Park, California is known for its impressive green credentials, but beauty hasn’t been sacrificed in the construction of some of its most notable and eco-friendly buildings.

Case in point: the sleek Green Music Center, which not only looks good, but has also been carefully designed to save substantial amounts of energy.

Sonoma State started off life in 1960, operating out of rented buildings before relocating to its current site in 1966.

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The ordering was selected simply on the basis of which, as a whole, seemed to be the most beautiful.The grounds were conceived by architect Randolph Evans to bear resemblance to Thomas Jefferson’s University of Virginia design.Forgoing the more popular Collegiate Gothic aesthetic, the first Brooklyn College buildings were rather Neo-Georgian in style, with impressive red-brick structures such as La Guardia and Ingersoll Halls setting the tone.This may be due in part to the hillside grounds’ status as a registered arboretum, with in excess of 6,000 trees adding both color and elegance to the area. The towered, architecturally eclectic centerpiece, Fenwick Hall, was reconstructed following a blaze in the early 1850s. Joseph Memorial Chapel; this stately edifice featuring Corinthian columns has graced the College of the Holy Cross’ campus since 1922, with its Renaissance Revival aesthetic having come courtesy of Boston architects Maginnis & Walsh.The college itself was set up in 1843 in Worcester, Massachusetts as a Jesuit institution, and it still maintains its religious affiliation today.The school relocated there in 1909, and it was an understandable choice, given the abundance of raw beauty in and around the grounds.