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(And, OF COURSE, meals are the focal point for my family’s socializing.)2) Her ideas about health are increasingly fringe.

It’s okay to tune her out, interrupt the cycle, or generally wave it away.

Never ask her questions about what her doctor said.

In my experience, my mom thinks her discussion of diets & exercise (she is also obsessed) is a form of bonding.

She thinks it’s normal girl-talk stuff and also that she’s setting a good example for me when she talks about it.

This feels like REALLY dangerous territory to me — financially, physically, mentally.

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Work on the things you can control (eating in a way that’s comfortable and right for you)(working on your constructive conflict skills) and have as happy a holiday as you can.

I’m sure her behavior is coming from a desperate fear of aging, and I feel for her.My thanks to Ken Kapelinski for his research in assembling this list. I have seen concert databases for other performing venues in the US, so after 34 years, the Roundhouse list is finally online too.(As a courtesy, when referring to or reproducing this list, please credit Chattanooga Radio How do I get her to see that her “interest” is actually an unhealthy obsession?Dear Please, The holidays are a rough time for people with disordered eating patterns and anxiety around food, and our cultural messages of “TREAT YOURSELF, IT’S A JOLLY CELEBRATION TIME” vs.Holidays are really stressful — trying to meet her requirements, hold these constant conversations, AND eat any actual food myself (I have no dietary restrictions) makes meals absolutely exhausting.