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Asian men dating mexican women

I know I was really self conscious around the Asian guy I liked and I didn't have enough confidence to let him know I liked him until I lost a few pounds, I wasn't fat by American standards, but I felt really fat next to size 00 Asian girls!

Come to find out now, he actually likes some meat on a girl, and it's fine. Being a Black/Mixed Race girl I was envious of my Hispanic friends because they were the ones that got the Asian guys!!!

3 of my friends (2 PR and 1 Mexican) were dating Chinese and Filipino guys.

S i looove all the guys haha doesn't matter if they are asian, hispanic or something else =)Im asian guy and my gf is spanish, been dating a year now and it my longest relationship i ever had.

It been good and awesome but sometimes ethicinty can get in the way with spanish and asian culture because they are different.

thank you everyone for answering A question I ask myself recently. Me, being a black girl do find asian guys rather cute too ( I have no thing for black man though. I met a few men that are very interested in Asian girls than their own races.... ...their own words; "because they don't like the locals; their own race girls, too head strong and not fun, Asian girls; women are easy going, respective and more fun"...on men, what's wrong with your heads?

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Overall, i think spanish girls are more easy maintained and less sassy than asian girls...

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...and their minds ....sarten is mexican but has an asian air around her hahaha i'm always mistaken for being chinese or japanese and a few vietnamits tought i was phillipine Lo L P.Interestingly enough, I have yet to come across any application form that has a separate category for people of Spanish (Spain? Although, I was surprised to find out that Hispanics didn't extend to Spanish-speaking from Spain.Interestingly enough, I have yet to come across any application form that has a separate category for people of Spanish (Spain? The main difference between Hispanic and Spaniard is that Hispanics are considered the people from countries that Spain conquered.So, we all get lumped together by region and vague decent.cherrybl0ss0m, You should check out the California Bay Area, specifically East Side San Jose where the population is pretty much Asian and Hispanic.Although I've seen more Hispanic men and Asian women couples I can assure you as an Asian man we love Hispanic women.thanks for the insight, Puppet Princess.What a moving and at times poignant film It truely moved and touched my very soul..... Oh thats right Harold and Kumar go to Whitecastle (or get the munchies) and guess what! Let's see if their relationship blossoms or sours, can't wait!!! Nice to see I'm not the only person anticipating this film. It seems like Asians focus a lot on weight and even a size 6 would be considered fat in Asia.