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When your associate and manager realized the time, the story then changed to, “Actually it’s once it goes through the doors”.

Are buildings that much more important to you than people and an entire arts organization that positively impacts the entire region?

Reply This is to commend the management of HEB in Pleasanton, TX.

I got up and checked the expiry date – OCTOBER 2!!!

I can tell you that I was NOT happy that I had to get redressed and drive over to the store.

I should not have to check the expiry date on every item I put into my basket so am strongly considering driving to a nearby Kroger, even though it is a further drive from me. I filled it to night and I should have the same number left over but I have 3 and 6 on the quantity of 90 and 13 on the quantity of 180.

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I will NEVER shop at HEB again, and I WILL get the message out.In my more than 65 years I have never been so insulted.

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So instead of offering to credit the one I got, he told me to get two. This is probably the fifth or sixth time I’ve had to deal with an expired item, third time having to drive back to the store (Promised Land whole milk is another main offender). I fill my weekly pill container at the end of the week when it is empty.I asked your manager how do I know she has not injected a turkey breast or someone else working for HEB?Because I do not look for the worst in people nor do I accuse people of crimes for absolutely no reason and with no evidence.On top of that, one of the managers that I gave it to apologized that that happened and told me to get another one, and he was taking the one I gave him to show someone.I asked what I was supposed to tell the cashier, so he told me his name (Joshua) and said to tell them I talked to him.This was after the lies about products purchased more than 24 hrs prior cannot be returned though I had purchased the item less than 24 hrs.