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Sparkplug was rudely awoken one night by noise in his garage, and when he rushed down there to investigate, he was incredibly pleased to see Buster inspecting a damaged Volkswagen Beetle.

Sparkplug drew on his memories of his time as a mechanic in the Korean War, recalling an instance where he had sabotaged the enemy vehicles' fuel and brake lines, and did the same to the Decepticons, poisoning their fuel and hopefully allowing the Autobots to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

Finally, Sparkplug was rescued from the Decepticons' fortress by the Autobot Gears and the mysterious Spider-Man.

Sparkplug Witwicky is many things, but first and foremost a father.

He's gruff and no-nonsense in a working-class manner, but he loves his son(s) dearly—a sentiment very much reciprocated.

Buster explained that he had somehow fixed them all.

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Buster told his dad that while he, Jessie, and "O" were at the drive-in movie that night, they were attacked by three jet fighters and during the confusion that followed, Buster ended up driving the Volkswagen home.

Their introductions were interrupted by an attack by the Decepticons, the Autobots' enemies.When Buster asked to return with Bumblebee to the Autobots' spaceship, at first Sparkplug refused, but then Buster reminded him that Sparkplug had always wanted Buster to stop reading and start living. But the two quickly returned when Bumblebee realized his damage was more widespread than he realized.Using some materials from Sparkplugs garage, they constructed a communicator.Finally his son had begun carrying on his father's work!Buster explained that Sparkplug was mistaken, and that this car was alive.This caused Sparkplug to worry, because this wouldn't "lead to a job one day"?