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Adult chat line jobs tampa bay florida

The letter notified them that the rate for in-state and regional out-of-state long-distance calls during off-peak night and weekend hours would jump 7 cents, or 39 percent, to 25 cents a minute, while the off-peak rate for out-of-state calls beyond the Southeast would double to 34 cents.

Yet that warning of X-rated conversation is what some customers heard when they dialed a number listed on a recent letter from Verizon informing them of steep increases for some of the company's long-distance rates that are scheduled to go into effect Sept. Verizon's customer service line starts with the prefix 800.

But thanks to a typographical error, the number listed on the letter started with the digits 888.

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Enjoy yearly city-wide events such as: Gasparilla, a mock pirate invasion is often referred to as the Mardi Gras of Tampa, the Florida State Fair, the Mac Dill Air Force Base, Metrocon the anime convention, and other food, wine and cultural festivals. Plant, who connected Tampa to the rest of the United States’ railways, leading to our first real tourist industry.

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Largest Stage Around, Luxury and VIP Private Rooms.What you will find is an inviting, private atmosphere in this neighborhood lounge, located in Clearwater.[more]HOLLYWOOD NIGHTS let's see, have you ever seen PLAYERS CLUB it speaks for itself."These people obviously don't make many calls because they wouldn't be paying a quarter a call," he said.- Information from Times files was used in this report. Such customers are automatically charged long-distance rates that are sharply higher than rates for most calling plans, including those offered by Verizon itself.